A Grain of Sand

"I will multiply you as the stars in heaven and as the sand upon the shore." - Genesis 22:17

"I can see the master's hand in every leaf that trembles, in every grain of sand." - Dylan, Every Grain of Sand (on Shot of Love)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Time Out for Fun - The Story

OK, I was trying to find a way to tie this song into Torah in some way, because most of my "Time Out for Fun" vids have some Jewish tie in. I could try to connect the "I was made for you" line to some kind of existentialist theology, or the "blessing" line into some simpler religious notion.

The truth is that I just love Brandi Carlile's music. Her voice is a formidable weapon. I have just been knocked out by the force of it on a few occasions. But she is also a sly and skilled singer, dancing around the beat, dragging out sssylables. She's a bit of a Muhammad Ali of singers: brutally powerful but also capable of incredibly subtle movement. Enough blather; give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.


  1. This seems to be a musical form after even Stravinsky. Way too modern for my ears. :-)

  2. KBCO Studio C vol.21 (just came out) has that song too, recorded live in Boulder.

  3. Hmmmm... I wonder. I seem to hear much more emotion from male singers than what I hear here. Is it because I'm female? Thanks for introducing new music - While I don't care for this performer, and don't hear it the way you do, I do like the opportunity for the exposure.

  4. Pack - i'll leave that alone except to saythat stravinsky was open to new forms....

    cheryl - thanks for the info.

    Dana - It kills me when her voice breaks at 2:55. You can just tell that this is not some pre-fab country music formula (or rock formula in the mode of daltrey or plant). it sounds to me like she screamed i the studio, her voice broke, and she had the guts to keep it in the released version. it has the effect of keeping the song honest and it breaks through the veneer of perfection that distances us from the heart of so much music. it's the same reason i'm a huge neil young fan.

    Shabbat Shalom, and a Channukah of much light.